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What is the meaning of Evil Eye Jewelry?

Natasha Pamphil

Posted on July 28 2017

You probably have seen evil eye jewelry; you’ve worn them or seen someone wearing them. But are you aware of the real meaning of Evil Eye Jewelry? Below is what you need to know about Evil Eye jewelry.

Origin of the Evil Eye

The Evil Eye belief already existed in the New and Old Testament and is present in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures as well as Buddhist and Hindu societies. The Evil Eye would have the power to bring unhappiness and sickness to a person and even destroy someone completely. In the Middle Ages, people were blaming witches for the Evil Eye. It was said that the persons who had offended them were strangely struck by misfortune. Evil Eye is meant to cast a bad luck on someone and attract problems around them (bankruptcy sickness, death, and loss of a loved one). Similarly, when a person thinks he/she is cursed by someone, we say that he/she has the "Evil Eye". The Evil Eye could touch everyone, men and women, children and old people. According to popular beliefs and superstitions, the Evil Eye is often the fruit of profound jealousy and not always a deliberate spell.

The Evil Eye Jewelry protection

The Jewelry and talismans used to protect against the evil eye are often called The Evil Eye Jewelry. The Amulets are very famous to ward off or cure the Evil Eye. Bracelets, necklaces or even rings with blue eyes will protect you against the Evil Eye. Some people also believe that each color on the Evil eye brings a certain type of luck. The coral color is a protector, the black gives you power, the red brings you courage, the light green fills your life with success, the amethyst empowers you with intelligence, the rose/pink provides you love, the turquoise offers you health, the white gives you wealth and the green brings happiness.

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