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Turquoise Jewelry

For thousands of years, turquoise jewelry has been treasured in cultures around the world. The gorgeous hues of this precious stone are ideal for enhancing your natural beauty and adding a fashionable pop of color to any look. At Isabella Celini, we have a wide variety of handmade turquoise jewelry in fashionable designs. We seamlessly integrate this coveted stone into rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Browse our custom silver and turquoise jewelry and find the perfect way to accentuate to your ensemble!
Turquoise Bracelets
At Isabella Celini, we carry all of the latest fashion jewelry designs. Our masterfully contrived turquoise bracelets will give your wrist the dazzling pop of color that you need to complete your look. Our Evil Eye collection also features extraordinary turquoise jewelry designs that you simply won't find anywhere else. 
Turquoise Earrings
Our elegant and exquisite turquoise earrings are ideal for adding a subtle yet stunning touch of glamour. Real turquoise jewelry can easily take your style to the next level.
Turquoise Rings
Choose from a myriad of lovely turquoise rings. From designs that are intricate and complex to ones that feel more balanced and down to earth, you're sure to find the perfect rings for you. 
Turquoise Necklaces
Graceful and alluring turquoise necklaces are the perfect way to add charm and appeal to your outfit. These vivid blue tones are also ideal for emphasizing your eyes and skin tone. 

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